Mulch Fact

Did you know that mulching your beds every 10-14 months is extremely healthy for your soil and plants. Not mulching your beds can ruin the soil and create a decrease in the value of your home over periods of time!

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Mulch season has BEGUN!

It’s March, and it is time for mulching! Mulch is good for many reasons!

1. Prevents weeds
2. Adds curb appeal
3. Increases health of soil
4. Increases plant health
5. Increases value of home
6. And more!

Mowing season is near

Typically, it is it good idea to begin lawn mowing the first week of April! 

Mulch is Crucial

In order to maintain healthy beds and soil around your home, you should make sure to mulch six-seven inches thick and have new mulch installed each spring season! Visit for more information on the benefits of mulch!

Lawn Fact

Did you know that if you have a weekly lawn service that you will enjoy an increased value of your property!?

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Grass growth

It is widely known that grass can grow 1-3 inches per week depending on the health of your yard! Be sure to have a weekly lawn service to keep your grass controlled and healthy! We are here to help!

Mulching is a MAJOR Benefit to Your Home!

According to, mulching your yard has several benefits! These benefits are: adding curb appeal to your home, increasing the health of the soil, protecting your beds against the changes of temperature, preventing of weeds, moisture conservation, and more! Do you want your home to benefit from new mulch? It is recommended that you get new mulch on a yearly basis! Visit to learn more!

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